You Wouldn't Throw an iPad

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You wouldn’t throw an iPad on a desk and expect it to continue to work at optimal performance.

This hasty action might cause the screen to crack, affect the volume button or dislodge a peripheral from it. Just three years ago though, you would have certainly felt comfortable tossing that spiral notebook you used for basic note taking onto the pile mounting on your desk. Thankfully though, technology has advanced and the iPad has now become our notebook and so much more. And to keep them working like new we’ve become accustomed to handling our tablets with more care than a paper notebook.

The same efforts should be extended to the bill recycler. This newer technology, albeit already 6 years old, makes it possible for bill validators to do so much more than traditional bill acceptance and so it too should be handled with more care.

Both Pepsi Buffalo Rock and Mark Vend acknowledged on a MEI panel, that they have seen greater performance from their Recyclers by implementing the proper training and installation throughout their respective organizations.

‘It’s an ongoing process (at Buffalo Rock) getting people trained to handle them (Recyclers) properly.”-Dick Hanson, Buffalo Rock

“We’re running about 75 Recyclers in the field. I wasn’t really happy with the performance of the Recyclers. I felt they were more troublesome than our typical validators. We got a lot of support from MEI. We went back into the field and found we treated them like normal bill validators and hadn’t really given them the care that they need in terms of installation. We felt a lot of the problems were self-inflicted and it really came back to a training issue and having our technicians understand this isn’t just a VN2700. You can’t just slap it in there and walk away. It has to be mounted square, grounded correctly. We really saw much greater performance when we went back and did it right.” – Mark Stein, Mark Vend

To keep your Recyclers working for you and at optimal performance here are some quick tips for installation to share with your technicians:


  • Mount the validator square in the door opening
  • Make sure all cables are dressed away from the Recycler
  • No foreign parts should impede or rest against any part of the Recycler (cables, hardware, screws, cold doors, coin return levers, motors, etc.)
  • Ample clearance should be made to access the cassette from the validator, with nothing pushing against it
  • Before opening the clam shell, be sure the Recycler module is removed from the back of the bill validator before pulling any levers
  • Never spray anything into the equipment to clean. You may use compressed air to remove surface debris
  • Be sure your doors are properly insulated and condensation cannot enter the recycler to impede performance.
  • Train techs on; how to clear a jam, remove bills properly, reassemble, perform set-up procedures, read menu and diagnostic codes (which can be found on the rear of the validator)
  • Note: Recyclers made prior to November 2009 required external grounding. Models made after November 2009 are already internally grounded and no action is necessary.





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