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MEI takes pride in the efforts our company and individual associates make to be environmentally mindful. Sustainability is, of course, one of our 5 Key PrinciplesOur new corporate headquarters, for example, was designed with motion sensor lighting throughout, low VOC paint, programmable heating and cooling systems, and our desks are made from recycled materials.  In our manufacturing facility, we power outdoor lighting and create hot water using solar energy, collect air conditioning condensate to water our fruit trees that provide associates with fresh fruit, moved to recycled packing materials to name a few activities. As far as our associates individually, a number of them have installed solar panels or Geo Thermal systems in their home or do composting to reduce waste.  These are just a few of the green efforts ongoing within the company.  

This month we’ve kicked off yet another green initiative at MEI but this one for our customer base.

Trade, Upgrade, Save”  gives operators the opportunity to trade-in retired or non-working bill validators, in return for savings towards the purchase of new CASHFLOW AE Series validators.  As an added bonus of the program, MEI will recycle the electronics through Intercon Solutions, an electronics recycling company based in of Chicago Heights, Illinois. Intercon, who has a zero landfill policy, will properly disassemble and recycle all of the equipment using environmentally safe de-manufacturing methods. 


In 2011, MEI ran a similar trade-in program,
Recycle for Recyclers, in the US market and together MEI, our distributors and operators recycled over 2700 pounds of old validators saving:

  • 2,917 gallons of gas
  • 105,911 gallons of water
  • 63 barrels of oil saved.



I asked Chuck Reed, our Marketing Director, to comment on the program since he first spearheaded the launch of this type of offer with operators a few years ago.  “Last time we ran this program we had a much greater interest than we anticipated. I hope we at least achieve those same results this time around.  Everyone has old equipment laying around.  This effort pays back to the operators and the environment in a big way.  After we complete each recycle program, we receive certificaten from Intercon that tells us just how many cars we ‘got off the road” or number of emissions we reduced.”  


‘Trade, Upgrade, and Save’ is the perfect promotion for our vending channel to offer our customers, as it truly reflects one of MEI’s key principles.  We look forward to working with our Distributors to make it a success.


Tell us, what ways is your company being green? 

Note: Trade Upgrade and Save runs from August 1st- October 1st, 2013.

To view the details about the 'Trade, Upgrade, Save' promo, visit our Take Back Your Margins page.

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MEI’s other Key Principle: Quality, follow this link. 

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