The Best Loyalty Program for your Vending Machine

by Vending Marketing Manager
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Loyalty - pronounced [loi-uh l-tee]

    1) the state or quality of being loyal; faithfulness to commitments or obligations.
    2) faithful adherence to a sovereign, government, leader, cause, etc.
    3) an example or instance of faithfulness, adherence, or the like.

You want loyalty between friends, family, work, you know; the obvious places. But increasingly though, as consumers have gained more access to information and places to buy goods and services (particularly with the rise of mobile commerce, stuff ON demand), there also is a desire for loyalty outside your personal relationships. As consumers, we also want loyal relationships with restaurants, retail clothing stores, our AM radio shows, car manufactures, family fun centers, etc... the list goes on. The same is true for the loyalty you want consumers to have with a vending machine.

There are many places that a person can choose to purchase their breakfast, lunch, snacks, even dinner throughout the course of their day. Consumers can stop and pick up a drink or snack during their ride into work, at the gas station on the way home from work, on an out of the office lunch break, even during their weekend shopping trip to the grocery store. By having customers become loyal to your vending machine instead of those other outlets, you can increase your chances of having those repeat visits at your storefront and grow your margins.

There are many different loyalty programs out there now that you can offer your accounts and use at your vending machines to gain and retain loyal customers.There are traditional coupon programs, like the MEI Coupon Program, mobile wallet applications to "Buy 1, Get 1", redemption ones where you can cash in "points" built up through your online web account, and even closed site payment programs where you can offer customers discounts on their back end accounts for purchases made after the transaction, and even during.

Perhaps though, the best loyalty program you can have for your customers at your vending machine is giving them the ability to pay how they prefer. It's simple. People don't carry the same amount of money with them every day. Whether they forget to stop at an ATM for a few more $20s, gave their daughter their last $5, lost their change in their couch, left their credit card at home, or their smart phone is out a charge, a consumer cant LOVE and be LOYAL to your machine if they can't pay how they NEED and WANT to pay on any given day. If your machine is already on site, filled with a variety of items, and is as convenient to make a transaction at as a convenience or grocery store is, you're a shoe in! They'll be a loyal vending customer.

Moreover, why are restaurants and manufacturers making it even easier to purchase their goods and services, like via an Open Table mobile™ app table-side or with a 2-D code to scan? Because they want create some loyalty with the easy access you can have to buy and obtain what they're selling. Loyalty 101- Start with acceptance.

MEI cashless bezels from CPI, like the 4-in-1+, offer an all in one offering for vending operators. Cash, card, coupon, mobile... NO problem.