Oh Canada, Not my Email!

by Vending Marketing Manager
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on 2014-07-28 in | 0 Comments
As an industry, we're all aware of the role legislation plays in protecting or hurting the profitability, processes, and rights of vending business owners and manufacturers. New currency, beverage taxes, wage laws, social awareness rulings, all impact our businesses in one way or another.

Recently, Canada passed legislation around email communication that surprisingly may impact the way our industry educates and conducts business. The new law requires businesses to gain permission from their contacts through an opt-in agreement before they may legally send mass communications to them via email and like routes (ie text messages).

The practicality behind the legislation is quite good, as a lot of us probably don't know how we ended up on a mass email marketing list for dating sites and discounted drugs. However, there are a lot of email communications that have ended up in my inbox that I personally have been happy to have arrive but unsure of how they ended up there in the first place. Emails that suggest concerts for me at a nearby venue are ones that come to mind.

This brings us to how this new legislation is likely to impact the informative vending related communications Canadians have come to receive over the years from not only CPI (formerly MEI) but other vending suppliers, trade associations, and the like.

Speaking for CPI, we frequently send communications out to our customer base about current promotions, tradeshow happenings, new products, and marketing related content like blog postings and videos. We are cognizant of filling others mailboxes and time, and aim to always deliver value based content with the push of every send button.

In the past, if someone found our content (and others content) irrelevant, an opt-out button was always available to be removed from an email list. One may think that opt-in option required by this new legislation would be just as helpful but in fact it is not. Surprisingly some statistics have shown that only 10% of respondents opt-in to the request to send future email content to them. It is probably safe to say that this number doesn't necessarily indicate that these are the only people interested in your content. But rather, we can probably assume that many have just missed the opt-in email, are unaware of the new regulation, forget to opt-in, or just don't take that next step.

For Canadian vending operators, this means that the (hopefully) informative content relevant to their business, that they have been receiving over the years from a trusted source, will slowly disappear from their inbox unless they remember to opt-in! This then leaves the educational content- sometimes ones on new legislation- out there somewhere in cyber space.

It's likely too, that other countries, like the USA, will follow suit.

And so the message you should receive by reading this post is simple... "OPT-IN!"

What are your thoughts on this legislation? Are you worried about no longer receiving communications from companies whose listserv you weren't able to opt-in to at the time it was sent?

If you're a Canadian operator and want to "opt-in" to "US"- email us at MEIMarketing@meigroup.com. We'll be sending out our 'opt-in' email to our contacts in the weeks to come.