Is your Vending Machine a Haunted House of Snacking?

by MEI Vending Marketing Manager
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Are your machines:


Poorly lit with no signs of life? If there aren’t any lights on to let people know you’re home, no one will knock!  Add interactive, LED displays and bezels to your payment system line up.  Change out your light bulbs to newer, more attractive and efficient LED’s  to liven the place up!  After all, you want your potential customers to know your snacks aren’t left over from the Dark Ages!


In the middle of nowhere?  If people need to go through the weeds to get to your machines, let them know you’re there! Give out free/discounted snack coupons at your accounts to use in your machines. Or distribute flyers detailing new snack inventory!  Inquire about the possibility of moving it to a new location for a short ‘trial’ period of time. Get them to the door! 


Scaring the ‘kids’ away with their stale treats? – Have you been filling the columns with an improper balance of chocolate bars to granola bars? Are you keeping treats close to expiration in your machines? Use the sales reports in your VMS system to know what’s selling and what isn’t- keep the inventory rotation fresh literally and figuratively.


Full of Cobwebs?  When’s the last time you cleaned the windows and doors?  Give your machine and payment systems a proper house cleaning once in awhile, so things are always looking good and running smooth.


Sporting doors and staircases that don’t work? Check your machine reports for column jams or payment system jams frequently.  If you have a telemetry based system, send out a technician to repair these jams before the customer even notices!


Outfitted with only one way in and no way out? Is the entry fee cash only?  Don’t scare away patrons with a cash only policy! Look to take larger denominations by doing bill recycling AND accept cashless payments so the sales can come in and the snacks go out.

This Halloween season, be sure to turn your vending machine from a Haunted House of Snacking to a Mecca for Munchies. 

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