Go on Autopilot with Auto Par

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There are so many things to juggle, as a vending operator and business owner. Between understanding changing regulation and consumer taste, managing inventory and personnel, and keeping current with technology and the taxes, there's a lot to do! There's no coasting by in this profession.

That's why last month at the OneShow I asked everyone that came through our booth inquiring about our industry leading coin manager, if they knew about a feature/setting called Auto Par, in the CF7000 that can simplify operations and allow them to go on a bit of 'autopilot' when it comes to change fund management.

Most operators were still not aware of Auto Par, even though the feature has been available since the product's inception and we have done a few blogs , ads, and a customer testimonial on it in the recent past. So, I thought we would take another go at helping our customers manage their business a little easier by reeducating them about this simple (yet complex in smarts) coin management method.

Auto Par, in a nutshell, is a setting on the MEI CF7000 Coin Manager that recommends how much money an operator should carry in their coin changer based on their specific machine's daily or weekly throughput. It even recommends which particualr mix of coins too! With Auto Par enabled, the CF7000 learns the sales patterns of the machine and automatically updates the coin mech to operate with its recommended level of change. This takes the guess work out of determining how much change a driver should eave in the machine during a visit. It will probably surprise most that a full changer isn't the right solution or a necessary one, to ensure a machine has change for consumer pay out. Auto Par is even smart enough to recalculate the amount and mix and make the adjustment automatically if sales patterns change.

One of the main benefits to this feature is the ability to remove an excessive amount of hard earned (Dollar) capital from the field and let that money work for an operator elsewhere, like earning interest or spent improving technology infrastructure.

Ready to crack into this feature and go a bit on operational 'autopilot' by letting Auto Par manage your coin change fund? Here are the steps to use on the CF7000s keypad and screen interface to activate Auto Par:

To set up:

  • Press Menu
  • Press Setup
  • Press ABC
  • Scroll to the item "Par Setup" then press Select
  • Scroll to the item "Select style" then press Select
  • Press Edit
  • Use the up or down keys to alter the setting to "Par to Auto" then press OK.

Not convinced just yet? Try it out on just one of your machines until you see your changer working for you! Or feel free to email us with specific questions at MEIMarketing@cranepi.com.