Getting on Board: Moving the Industry Forward

by MEI Vending Marketing Manager
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There are times in both our personal and professional lives when the opportunity comes to take a turn to help steer the ships we sail on. These proverbial ships may be

  • your homeowners association
  • your child’s athletic club
  • a local charity
  •  an organization within the industry you work
  •  or for another business, in which your expertise lends itself well- (like Marrisa Mayer, Yahoo’s CEO who sits on the Walmart board of executives).  

The vending and amusement industry are two industries that have a number of organizations within them that really do forge the way for thought leadership, change, and advancement.

At MEI, we’ve been fortunate to have associates who not only want to be a part of these organizations but have stepped up to sit on the board of many of these industry ships. While there are many personal benefits for sitting on the board of an organization, it can take a considerable amount of leisure time out of your day to day.  But we’ve heard, resoundingly, that despite the extra work that comes with a board position, the gratification that comes from progressing a larger, worthy, cause is always worth it.  

In recent years, MEI associates have held board positions for NAMA, CAMA, AAMA, the Amusement Expo, the Randolph Technical High School Vending Repair Program, in Philadelphia, and various state associations around the country.   

I asked Ed Kozma, our MEI Canadian Country Manager for Vending – currently President of CAMA - about his experience on the CAMA board and here’s his stream of consciousness on the topic of joining:

“I believe that volunteerism is effective way to give back to your community / industry and offers an avenue for personal fulfillment. 

I started my CAMA involvement in 1997, by participating in a technical advisory board for 2 years and other committees for over the years. In 2005, I joined the Board of Directors, as an Equipment Supplier Director. After my term concluded, I was elected to the Secretary role on the executive board. Since then, I have held each executive position up to my current position as President.

My initial reason to participate was to expand my knowledge of the industry and build peer relationships, as it was early in my vending career. But as I became more involved, my motives focused toward the betterment / promotion of the vending industry and the best area where I could execute those motives was on the CAMA board. I am very thankful for the opportunities my peers have granted me to broaden my leadership skills and help build a stronger industry. To me, serving the industry in a leadership position is an honour and privilege. 

A Tina Fey quote from the movie Admission rings true for me about the betterment the place around us: "It takes a community," and I’m glad to have been a part of the CAMA community through the years.”

As 2014 begins, Ed and our other MEI colleagues who hold board positions already have their sights on the tasks necessary to accomplish the organizational goals of the industries they serve.  And as a company, MEI is looking for other areas in which we can advance and help the industry. Perhaps it’s right here at this blog. 



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