CPI Associate Spotlight: America's Vending Technical Support Manager

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Meet Marjory McCahill. Marjory, who also goes by Marjy, is the female Technical Support Manager for CPI Americas Vending. Marjory's territory spans from Canada to Columbia and everywhere in between. Her expertise covers everything from telemetry to transaction electronics, which means she's constantly on the go finding solutions and tackling new vending technology challenges out in the field. She manages a team of seasoned vending veterans, who have a combined 129 years and counting of industry experience! Together they provide the industry's best after sale support, which we discussed in a blog post back in March. Marjory joined CPI through MEI 17 years ago and has worked in a number of roles with MEI like Industry Support Rep for Transport and Retail & Gaming Technical Support Manager over the years. Get to know her and love her as much as we do with this Q&A.

Here's from our recent interview:

Day-to-Day Job Responsibilities in your own word: Attend meetings, answer phone calls, talk to associates, paperwork, reports, salesforce and LOTS of emails.

What your friends and family think you do at work: They think that since I spend so much time at work that there must be something more exciting there than Credit Card readers.

Reports to: Director of Quality & Process Improvement

When the going gets tough at work...? I go home and have a glass of Pinot Grigio

Office Desk Description: I have a little beach sandbox on my desk to remind me of the simple enjoyable things in life...

Favorite office snack: Pattie Booker's Candy Basket

Morning Jolt: Coffee, tea, energy drink, soda-pop, none of the above, other? Tea... has to be Black/English Breakfast. I'm not a fancy tea drinker.

Are you whistling while you work (while listening to your ipod/music)? If so, would you like to list any favorite artists? I enjoy music, but I'm not a music junkie. I listed to WXPN and Pandora outside of work.

What do you use to pay at a vending machine? Cash

Where were you born? Philadelphia

Favorite sports team or sport to watch: Football or Golf

Any activities you like to participate in during your spare time? Golf, working out, snorkeling. I also do some volunteer web site work for an organization called "more than me". The founder is Katie Meyler who was named one of Time Magazines Persons of the Year for 2014. She was one of many who supported and fought Ebola in Liberia. I'm very proud to be a very small part of a mission of one very special inspiring woman.

Best or worst vacation (your choice!): Best - New Zealand

First job (think high school): Taco Bell

What payment system technology do you think is the most interesting? Pay by Phone apps

Any work "claim to fames?" It was many years ago. The Retail Safe industry was having issues with safes giving the wrong credit. After several months of coordination with the OEMs and MEI and many hours at my kitchen table testing and brainstorming, low and behold I found what was triggering the false credit! The customer was so appreciative of the hard work that went into uncovering, and ultimately resolving, this detrimental and costly issue for their business.

If I wasn't working in Vending I would be... Scuba diving and snorkeling in Hawaii

Can you share a funny story from being out in the field? We work in dirty environments at times. The vending machines can be a home to many types of critters. I was working with one of our team members one day and when he opened up the vending machine door he jumped back behind me. I asked what was wrong. He said he saw a spider...

Most valuable thing you left in a hotel room Oh that's a dangerous question... my favorite necklace and bracelet. Hotel swore they couldn't find it.