5 Things Not to Forget to take to Chicago for the OneShow

by Vending Marketing Manager
Vending Marketing Manager
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on 2014-04-07 in MEI happenings | 0 Comments
1) An appetite - It's important this week that you come to the OneShow with a big appetite. Between the delicious Chicago deep dish pizzas, sizzling charbroiled steaks, Italian dipped beef sandwiches, and beloved Chicago hot dogs there will be plenty of good meals to devour this week, with your vending colleagues and business associates. It will also be important to have an appetite for new information. With close to 300 exhibitors, there will be plenty to learn and take in so making the most of the week by stopping as many of these 'vendors of information' will be important to keeping your plate full of new ideas this year.

a. Be sure to check out the CPI booth (#513) to start your culinary travels for information. Research it. Trust it. Do it.

b. Don't forget to enjoy some cake with MEI at 5:30pm on Wednesday, April 9th in our booth! We're inaugurating our new company by sharing a slice with you!

2) Your business cards - While there will be plenty of fishbowls to drop your business cards into to win a FREE service, giveaway or good, you'll need plenty of cards to hand out to new acquaintances who just may become a new trusted advisor for your business.

3) An open mind - Leave your preconceived notions about everything at the door and come to the OneShow, as if you were a sponge! Weren't planning on deploying cashless technology in 2014? Perhaps a conversation with an exhibitor might open your eyes to new reasons you should now consider it. Something or someone left a bad impression on you in the past? Perhaps things have changed for the better, there's always room for improvement, no? Sit in on as many technology sessions and keynotes as you can. Ask questions.

a. Be sure to stop by our EMV Technology Panel to learn how to get ready for this upcoming technology transition.

4) An extra bag - There will be plenty of free samples handed out on the tradeshow floor to try out for your machines, as well as the many exhibitor branded trinkets handed out. Beyond this there will be product spec sheets, training guides, videos, promotional offers and documentation that the exhibitors will have to hand out so you can read up on (and not forget about) later . Plus you might want to pick something up for the family in the gift shop at the airport!

5) Hand sanitizer- Let's face it. There will be a lot of handshaking this week to say hello, close deals, and meet new acquaintances. There will also be shared tight spaces, starting with the airplanes many of us will travel on to arrive in Chicago. As the winter flu season comes to a close, take guard with some hand sanitizer to keep from catching something pesky from our 1000 of our closest friends. Can you vend that?